Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Increase Your Energy with Good Posture

Okay, so maybe you can’t find a quiet, comfortable place to do half tortoise pose to eliminate that afternoon slump, but you need something. You’ve been sitting at your desk all day and you’re getting foggy and sleepy and you just want to put your head down on your desk and take a quick nap. Not a bad idea if you could.

But one way to prevent this afternoon brain drain for happening in the first place involves something so simple: sit up straight! Yes, slouching can actually make you more tired. Why is this? When we sit or stand up straight, it allows us to fill our lungs when we breathe. This means more oxygen and more energy. Slouching will decrease the amount of oxygen we take in which also means less oxygen to the brain.

Slouching also stresses our muscles, which can cause fatigue too and it can also block the flow of oxygen to the brain. That’s less oxygen to the brain because we’re taking in less, and less oxygen because we’re blocking the flow to the brain. By simply sitting up (or standing up) straight, we can alleviate these two problems and improve our energy levels and our alertness. No food, or exercise, or miracle supplement required.

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