Wednesday, June 8, 2011

10-Day Detox - The Elimination Process

Onto day three and four of my 10-day detox. Each day means eliminating additional foods and at the same time, increasing consumption of a Metagenics powdered drink designed to support the detoxification process. From my perspective, by easing into the detox, we’re not bombarding the body by releasing a flood of toxins all at once, which will help our organs better deal with the job of eliminating them.

Even by day three, I was not feeling deprived and I didn’t drink all the suggested shakes. It just felt like too much for me. Day three also included a long and relaxing Thai-Swedish massage. Any additional self-care activities that promote relaxation are helpful during the detoxification process, since stress in itself is a toxin and is best eliminated during this time. Massage also helps the fat cells give up their bad stuff and stimulates the lymphatic system which is important for the cleanse to work efficiently.

I also realized how deceiving this plan can be at first, because although I didn’t feel deprived at this point (maybe I’m a little unusual : )), I did experience a slight, dull headache that night, which was an indication that my body was detoxing. This could have also had something to do with the massage. If you are used to eating a heavier diet, you may feel a little differently about the eating plan at this point and may experience detox symptoms earlier.

I eliminated an additional group of foods on day four and OK, finally, I’m noticing the difference in diet, mostly because it takes more planning to come up with meals. Surprisingly, the thought of sugar or sweets has not even entered my mind. I’m not a sweet-a-holic, but I wondered about the reduction in food groups and if I would start to experience cravings. None so far. I think part of the reason for this is the supplemental drink that is giving the body everything it needs and part of it is simply eliminating the foods that lead to an unending cascade of cravings.

Another thing I‘ve noticed. I had a spot about the size of a quarter of what looked like poison ivy on my left forearm that was stubbornly sticking around. Since going on this detox, it has begun to rapidly heal and is nearly gone! In general, my skin is one area where I’m seeing a big difference. It’s cleaner and clearer. Just think, if you begin to notice positive changes in the biggest organ of your body (your skin), just imagine what’s going on inside : )

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