Sunday, June 19, 2011

Digest for Week-endng 18 June 2011

Here in New England, the growing season is in full swing and there are lots of ways to take advantage of the local produce and hand-crafted goods. This week’s posts explore ideas for getting to know your farms and how to experience all that they have to offer.

Sustainably Eating Seafood

Similar to CSA’s, if you’re living near the water, you may have the opportunity to invest in Community Supported Fisheries.

A Virtual Farmer’s Market

A company here in Connecticut allows you to purchase online from over one hundred farms in the state and will deliver your order to your door!

Dining Close to the Source

Many farms are getting more involved with their consumers by offering dinners on location featuring some of their bounty.

Pick and Choose

Check with your local farms because some offer the choice to pick much more than just berries and apples.

Farm Fresh Cooking

What better atmosphere to learn how to cook than right on the farm?

Know Where Your Food is Coming From

The idea of organic versus conventional is much more complicated than you may realize. Knowing your farmer and how they cultivate their crops to make informed decisions about what you’re eating.

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