Saturday, June 11, 2011

Digest for Week-endng 11 June 2011

This week, I take you on my journey through a 10-day Metabolic Detoxification designed by Metagenics® that is intended to cleanse the body at the cellular level. I decided to undergo this process for that very reason, because I understand what we are exposed to everyday.

And instead of letting unknown levels of environmental toxins accumulate to the point where they could lead to weight gain, disease, or accelerated aging, I chose to eliminate what I could and begin fresh.

Cleansing at the Cellular Level

Besides pesticides, GMOs, antibiotics and chemicals in our food, there are lots of reasons to want to detoxify the body.

The Beginning

The first two days of this cleanse eliminate the biggest offenders. The cleaner your diet is, the easier it is to begin the process.

The Elimination Process

As the process of eliminating foods continues, the signs that the detox process is working begin to emerge.

The Height of the Cleanse

The most restrictive part of the journey lasts three days. If you can get through them, the rest is easy…

Over the Hump

As you begin to add back in food groups, you may notice that you are not thinking about or even craving any of the foods you were eating prior to the detox.

The Finale

The detox ends with the freedom to eat unrestricted. As you continue to add in foods, you will realize how enhanced your taste has become and that your palate has changed for the better.

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