Monday, June 27, 2011

Stay Healthy With Clean Hands

I was in a public restroom the other day and I came across the picture on the right that outlines regions of our hands that get washed better or worse than others. In the winter with lots of colds and flu going around, this is an important thing to stay conscious of, since it is often via our hands that we contract bugs.

However, this time of year it’s equally important to be thorough with washing our hands. We’re typically traveling more on vacations, eating more in public places and more often using public restrooms. And since we can’t often see contamination on surfaces, the best defense is to keep our hands clean and away from our mouths, eyes, nose, and ears to avoid illness.

The Hand Washing For Life website has videos like the one below showing unlikely sources of organic (living) matter, like bacteria in a freshly-cleaned public restroom. Just imagine how many more dirty surfaces there are in a rest room that’s been used all day long and hasn’t been cleaned.

They also provide tips, programs, and tools for teaching the importance and the techniques for preventing the transfer of contamination from surfaces to hands. It’s important information for individuals, schools, restaurants, and any business or organization that experiences high-traffic, like airports, libraries, concert halls, movie theaters, beaches, and campgrounds, for example.

It sounds obvious, but even when at home, always remember that good sanitary practices can make the difference between health and illness.

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