Friday, April 8, 2011

Breathe Clear

I’ve already talked about the importance of breathing here. Yet, with all this breathing, we naturally take in what is in our environment. This includes car fumes, pollen, dust, pollution, chemicals, microorganisms, etc. that can accumulate in our sinuses, interfere with our breathing and make us susceptible to viruses, infections, and allergies.

To clear out the gunk and get relief naturally, I like to use a neti pot demonstrated in the two minute video below.

The benefits to using the neti pot are many, including relieving nasal congestion, a greater sense of smell and taste, relief of inflammation and allergy symptoms and even relaxation of the eyes by soothing the optic nerve. In fact, I love the quote below from The Yoga-Ratnakara, a treatise on Ayurvedic medicine that always motivates me to use the neti pot:

“A person who regularly drinks water through the nose in the early morning or at the end of night becomes intelligent, develops eyesight as acute as an eagle, is spared the graying of hair and the wrinkling of skin, and is freed from all diseases.”

Here's to breathing clear today!

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