Friday, April 29, 2011

Ground Yourself

I have been fascinated with the concept of grounding and read the book Earthing by Ober et al. “Earthing”, according to the book, “involves coupling your body to the Earth’s eternal and gentle surface energies.” This is most easily accomplished by standing or sitting outdoors barefoot, but can also be achieved using an indoor grounded conductive device.

The benefits of grounding are reported to be many, including eliminating disease and healing, increasing energy, and protection from electromagnetic fields, or EMFs. One double-blind study reported in the book used two groups of individuals. One group was grounded and the second was not. EEG and EMG recordings from the brain and shoulder muscles, respectively, were monitored 30 minutes before and after grounding.

Within a matter of seconds, brain activity of the grounded individuals decreased, and in particular on the left, thinking side, suggesting that it can calm the busy mind. In the shoulder muscles, there appeared to be a leveling off of muscle tension. Overly tense muscles relaxed and those with little or no tension showed an increase.

It seems so simple that we can relax the mind by spending time with our feet to the Earth. But since reading this book last summer, I’ve made it a point of walking barefoot in the grass, or in the sand at the beach and I always feel calmer afterwards. Is it in my head? Maybe, but does it matter? I’m still getting some sun and fresh air and spending time with the birds and the beautiful blue sky.

By the way, the book also talks about how Earthing can level out cortisol in the body, which will also help with stress.

The next time your monkey mind is working overtime, or you’re stressed out, try plopping your feet in the grass, maybe with a nice cup of herbal iced tea, and sit quiet for a few minutes. It may accomplish far more than you think.

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