Sunday, April 3, 2011

Changing the World with Water

You’ve heard this many times before. Drink more water. Yet, as a species, we are chronically dehydrated. The planet is ~75% water and our bodies are roughly the same. Water hydrates our cells, helps to keep our mucus membranes moist, flushes toxins as well as excess salt and water from the body, keeps our digestion running smoothly, and supports organ function.

It promotes clear skin, fresh breath, and sharp, alert minds. It also keeps hunger at bay and helps to keep our energy levels up. Yet most of us are not getting the recommended “half of our weight in ounces” on a daily basis. So I’m sending out this reminder–because it really does make a difference when we drink enough water.

In fact, I sometimes wonder what positive changes would occur on the planet simply from everyone being fully hydrated. I imagine more energetic, happy, healthy, and motivated people making positive changes for the good of all people, creating a ripple effect and raising the frequency of our planet. Sound silly? Well, I believe that every single positive change we make impacts everyone, so why not the same with drinking more water? Here are some ways that I believe we can save the world with water : )

- Start your day with a glass of filtered, clean, room temperature water. Add the juice from half a lemon to help detoxify the liver and keep your pH in balance.

- Drink a glass of water 30-45 minutes before a meal to help manage your hunger.

- Have a bottle (preferably glass) of clean, filtered water with you at all times to sip.

- If plain water is unappealing, add cucumber or lemon slices, or a small shot of juice, like pomegranate.

- Eat lots of vegetables and fruits that are naturally high in water.

- Remind everyone else to drink more water!

Here’s to a happy, hydrated day!! <3

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