Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Practice of Mental Hygiene

by Vasco Gaspar

Vasco Gaspar, is a motivational speaker and the founder of ZorBuddha, a global movement, personal development, and goal setting tool that he has made available free of charge online and can be purchased on Amazon

Nowadays, it is increasingly important to detoxify the mind in order to have clarity of thought, more focus, and to be more positive and happy. So to continuously carry out the cleansing process, here is a shopping list of practices that represent good mental hygiene.

  • Start your day by thinking about something positive
  • Seek to learn continuously, even if only for 5 minutes/day
  • Set small goals for your day and go after them
  • Move your body because it will irrigate your brain and help you think better
  • Face your fears - they show you the places you need to explore in your life
  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s the only way you’ll achieve great things
  • Establish objectives and priorities for your life
  • Listen twice as much as you talk
  • Listen not only with your ears, but your entire body, heart and soul
  • Avoid complaining and take responsibility for your life
  • Embrace silence and spend time alone
  • Improve your family, social, and work relationships
  • Remember that concerns don’t solve problems
  • Accept and forgive the past, it will not change
  • Be present with whatever you’re doing
  • Spend time in nature
  • Get enough sleep
  • Keep a gratitude journal
  • Give of yourself to others
  • Be true to your personal values
  • Smile and laugh whenever you can
  • At night, before closing your eyes, think of at least one thing that made you happy during the day

From this shopping list, choose the activities that make the most sense for you and dedicate yourself to practicing them on a regular basis. Remember, there are no secrets; consistency is the key to getting positive results.

Have a great day!!

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