Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Be Clear About It

I’m always trying to minimize the amount of waste I produce whether it’s with food, personal care products, home goods, etc. It keeps the clutter away and helps reduce the strain on landfills. As a result, I’ve always been surprised by the packaging for linens. You know, those heavy, clear plastic bags with the zippers? I can never bring myself to throw them away. To me, they’re just begging to be reused. Here are some things I store in them:

Personal care products - They make great travel bags for shampoos, lotions, and toothpaste. They pack well and are clear so there’s no fumbling around for what you need. I also keep one in my yoga bag for keeping my shower supplies organized.

Electronics - Between the cell phone charger, computer cord, IPOD and ear buds, and USB connections that I carry around with me everyday, it’s so much easier to have them in one place where I can see grab for them easily. These clear bags work like a charm.

Seasonal bedding - The larger bags are always perfect for putting away blankets or comforters for the winter so that they stay clean and dust-free.

Greeting cards - Some of the small bags are the perfect size for storing your collection of greeting cards that may get out of hand.

Random items - Do you have a drawer of “stuff” that you just don’t know how to organize? These bags are great for “organizing” your collection of knickknacks if you want to get them out of the drawer and into a box. They can easily be retrieved when needed.

How about you? What do you do with these bags? Toss them? Reuse them? Share here!!

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