Friday, July 15, 2011

Tune in to the Silence

It’s early morning, I’ve just returned from a walk that fired up my muscles and brain and I’m sitting watching the sun stream in the window. The only thing I can hear is the ticking of the clock on the wall. Why is it that I never hear the clock tick in the afternoon?

I’m a morning person; it is my favorite time of day because of the stillness and the quiet. It is the best time to hear myself think or to hear myself not think–to just be still and go within. It’s thinking without words, quiet observation–without the ego trying to label, qualify, or judge everything. What else would we benefit from while in this non-thinking state?

  • Guided meditations that will help you focus on and visualize positive experiences;
  • Reading something inspirational that that could potentially fire up a new pathway in the brain and lead to a new, great idea;
  • Uplifting, soothing, or energizing music to make your spirit happy (okay, this is not silence, but it still works);
  • Writing down your thoughts, goals, plans, and ideas in a journal since writing them down is another step closer to bringing them to life;
  • Dumping the contents of your brain on paper is also an effective way to arrive at breakthroughs regarding problems or blocks you may be having. It’s another form of detox that doesn’t require a day of liquids ; )

If you use the still of the morning to start your day off fresh and clear, it will help you ease into the day, allowing it to unfold in a positive, less stressful way. Even if you’re not as “tuned in” to the silence of the clock ticking.

P.S. I love how the light cast a heart on the book in the picture above. Just had to include it!

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