Sunday, July 17, 2011

Digest for Week-endng 16 July 2011

This week’s posts begin with food for the body and how to get the tastiest most nutrient-dense produce around and then move into brain food that can nourish your mind in the morning and set the tone for your entire day.

Less is More When Growing Food

There are many reasons why the nutrients in our food supply are dwindling. Here are a few and what you can do to deal with it.

How to Always Have a Tasty Tomato

It’s almost impossible to find a tasty tomato when tomato season is over, but here are a few ways to make sure you’ve got them on hand year-round for cooking.

It’s in the Way that You Use It

I talk about the benefits of vegetables a lot, but in the end, we have to like what we’re eating. Here’s a way to make that happen.

Move Your Brain

Getting your blood pumping in the morning is as much a benefit for your brain as the rest of your body.

Tune into the Silence

Do you use these tools in the morning to ease into your day in a positive frame of mind?

Get Inspired with Video

There are some great, soothing, uplifting, inspiring, thought-provoking videos online that are perfect for starting the day off on the right foot. Or, you can make your own with some of your favorite quotes…

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