Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Workout from the Neck Up

Yesterday’s post about eye exercises made me realize that most of us probably ignore our muscles from the neck up. We’re so focused on toning our arms, legs, buttocks, and abdomens and we neglect our faces. Yet, as we age, our facial muscles begin to sag, which can contribute to lines and wrinkles and make us look older.

No matter how good our diets are, our facial muscles won’t stay firm unless they’re conditioned. In addition, exercising our heads is a good thing because like the rest of the body, working these muscles is also thought to relieve swelling, especially in the eye area, and stimulate the lymphatic system to detoxify this part of our body.

And, so, here are several facial exercises designed to work the three groups below:

Neck and Throat

Lips and Cheeks

Eye and Forehead

I did all of the exercises in about 10-15 minutes and can say that by the time I was finished with my lips and cheeks, my face was tired! This is a good indication of how little I work these muscles. One nice thing is that many of the exercises can be done anywhere. Of course, like the eye exercises from yesterday, if you’re on a subway or train, you may want to hold up your magazine or newspaper or people may get the wrong idea ; )

There are additional eye exercises here to supplement those from yesterday as well. I’m going to try these daily to see if I notice a difference. Especially the exercises for the neck and throat since I’ve noticed in yoga class a bit of sagging going on with the skin on my neck. I’m also thinking that many of these exercises would be a wonderful way to treat a headache or relieve stress from sitting or working too long in front of the computer, since our head, neck, and even shoulders are often involved and the exercises are stimulating blood flow to these areas. When is the last time you thought about working the muscles in your head and neck?

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