Friday, July 1, 2011

"Go"ing Natural on My Toes

Last week, I talked about the toxic chemicals found in nail polishes and decided that I was finally going to go as natural as possible to eliminate more harsh ingredients from my daily life. And daily is true in every sense of the word because my toenails are painted for much of the year. Well, “Go Natural” is exactly the brand I chose to test because it was one of the safest I found.

I ordered their base coat, a color called Plum Baby, and a bottle of topcoat. Tonight, I tested out the application process. Like most polish jobs, the directions said to apply a thin base coat, two thin coats of color, then finish it off with topcoat.

Over all, I’m pleased with the results. The basecoat and topcoat went on very easily. The color did as well, although it was a little tricky to apply to my big toes without leaving ridges, so I had to work quickly. I was also happy that there was very little odor from the polish. In the warm weather, I will actually paint my nails outdoors for the best ventilation, but this was unnecessary with Go Natural. Good thing, because I did it late at night. Although the lighting wasn’t the best, I think it came out OK. It just needs a little cleaning up.

The real test now will be to see if it smudges while I sleep and how long the polish will last on my toes before it begins to chip. With traditional polishes, this can be a month or two and the first thing I will notice are my nails growing out. Can I expect this polish to last that long? We’ll see…

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