Sunday, July 3, 2011

Digest for Week-endng 2 July 2011

Last week, I wrote about how amazing our feet are and how important it is to give them the attention that we pay to other parts of our bodies. This week, I offer tips and information about your hands as well as results from some of the natural products I’ve either been using for years, or just recently tried.

Stay Healthy with Clean Hands

Just like the winter with the higher risk of colds and flu, this time of year provides lots of opportunities to catch and spread germs through dirty hands. Here are some tips for keeping hands clean this busy and public time of year.

Your Fingernails are a Window to Your Health

Disease and deficiencies in the body will show up as telltale signs on and around your fingernails. Here’s what they may be telling you.

How to Properly Maintain Hand Strength

Keeping your hands strong and able to open the pickle jar well into your years takes more than simple gripping exercises. Effectively keeping your hands strong is a two-way street.

Wrinkly Fingers May Actually be Functional

You know how unsightly the tips of our fingers look after they’ve been in water for an extended period of time. Well, it turns out that the pruny look may develop for a functional reason…

“Go”ing Natural on My Toes

After last week’s post about deciding to finally eliminate toxic nail polishes from my life, here are the initial results from one of the safer brands that I tried…

A Natural Stain for the Hair

In this post, you can see the results of years of using a plant-based dye for my hair and find out where to get the products.

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