Saturday, May 14, 2011

Digest for Week-ending 14 May 2011

Last week, I wrote about items in the kitchen or household that could double as personal care products. Using them for these purposes ultimately saves money, space, our bodies, and the environment. What could be better than that?

The Beauty of Baking Soda

Baking soda has hundreds of household uses. Well, here are my three favorite “body” uses for baking soda that I practice all the time.

A Tropical Experience

Coconut oil is a great source of fat in the diet, but it also makes a versatile and effective beauty product.

An Edible Face Scrub/Mask

Three simple ingredients make a gentle and delicious mask that leaves your skin dewy and soft.

A Milky Hair Mask

This quick and easy milk mask will leave your hair SHINY!!

Soothing Relief

How do you relieve puffy eyes after a long, sleepless night? Try these simple and proven remedies.

Drink Your Aloe Vera

Although aloe vera is typically known for its skin soothing properties, it provides health benefits when taken internally.

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