Monday, May 16, 2011

Keeping it Real

What does the inside of your shopping cart look like? Is it filled with boxes and cans and jars and bags that have been transformed into things that carry health claims on the label? Or, does it contain items that look like something that may have been grown or raised, that don’t have a label, or that have only one ingredient on them.

Isn’t it ironic, but the foods that offer the most authentic and powerful health benefits don’t say it on them? When you pick up a bunch of broccoli, you don’t see a label that says, “contains 100% of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin C”, or “contains 6 grams of fiber per serving”, or “part of a heart healthy diet”. Yet, the bunch of broccoli provides things such as these and more.

To keep it real and healthy, buy as many foods as possible that don’t carry a label or that are still in their natural state. This will provide you and your family with the most nutrition and variety, the least amount of unwanted and unhealthy ingredients, and the least amount of waste from packaging–if you haven’t guessed, I’m all about reducing the amount of waste we produce.

What are some of the packaged foods you buy that you’d like to eliminate from your diet?

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