Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What's in Season? - Radishes

Here’s another vegetable that’s perfect for this time of year – radishes. It’s a member of the Brassica family – something I didn’t know until recently. Members of this family of vegetables contain glucosinolates that can protect against carcinogens and induce detoxification enzymes in the liver. Therefore, they can have a cleansing effect in the body, which is what our bodies naturally want to accomplish this time of year.

They’re crunchy juicy, low in calories, full of fiber, and the kick to their flavor makes them great for cleansing the palate. Radishes are a good source of vitamin C, B complex vitamins including folate, K, and calcium. They’re typically added to salads, will spice up a wrap, and make a nice complement to cool dips like hummus. They can also be added to soups.

If you buy them with the green tops attached, you can add these to salads and wraps, as they can actually contain up to six times as much vitamin C as the root! The best way to take advantage of their vitamin C and to preserve its content is to eat both the leaves and roots raw. I’m thinking they’d make a nice addition to pesto and even cold cucumber soups.

What about you? How do you feel about radishes? Are they a regular part of your diet?

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