Monday, May 2, 2011

A Steaming Cup of Teeccino

I have been drinking coffee for many years and it’s somewhat of a ritual. The smell of fresh-brewed coffee is one of the most familiar and inviting of aromas. I almost like it better than the actual taste. Yet, I’ve noticed that as my diet has gotten cleaner, I’ve developed more of a sensitivity to the caffeine in coffee. Sometimes it’s the jittery, wired feeling, and sometimes it’s irritating to my stomach so I’ve cut back dramatically and instead will drink green or herbal teas.

Still, I’m in love with the whole steaming-cup-of-coffee experience which is why I was so excited when a friend turned me on to Teeccino. It’s an herbal drink that looks, smells, and tastes a lot like coffee, yet it’s caffeine free and made with ingredients such as carob, barley, chicory, dates, almonds, and figs. It is non-acidic and contains the soluble fiber inulin from chicory that supports healthy gut bacteria and helps to lower total cholesterol. It is also a source of potassium.

When I first tried it, I was surprised and delighted at how similar to coffee it tasted. It has that full-bodied flavor that I enjoy so much about coffee with a slight hint of sweetness. I’ve been drinking it almost daily ever since discovering it. It comes ground in different flavors and can be prepared the same way as coffee. It can also be purchased in “tea” bags, which are great for traveling. I’m also starting to see it in most major grocery stores, so you may not have to go far to find it.

So if you're thinking about giving yourself a break from coffee, then give Teeccino a try. You may just like it… : )

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