Sunday, May 29, 2011

Digest for Week-ending 28 May 2011

This week, it’s all about eating in season, which is a great way to ensure we’re getting the freshest produce with the highest nutrient content. On a health and energetic level, eating in season also naturally gives our bodies what they need to adapt to the seasons’ changing temperatures. Here are some vegetables in the spotlight right now!


Best when eaten just-picked, their true season is short and it’s here for you to take advantage of.


Abundant and powerful, the many types of greens are perfect for detoxing after a long Winter!


Pungent radishes work to help cleanse the liver as well and are high in a key protective vitamin.


Hands down my favorite vegetable that makes its way into both raw and cooked dishes!


Packed with fiber and nutrients, these are a little work, but totally worth the effort!

Vidalia Onions

Both sweet AND healthy, these sweet onions can accompany just about any meal and help you to pass on dessert.

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