Friday, May 13, 2011

Soothing Relief

You stayed up late, or you were crying, or you ate a salty meal. Either way, you woke up with puffy eyes. There are two very common ways to remedy that situation that you may have heard of:

Tea bags – Steep two black tea bags in hot water then drain and let cool before lying down and applying to eyes for 10-15 minutes. Maybe have a nice cup of tea while they cool : )

Cucumber slices – apply cool cucumber slices to the eyes while lying down.

Both work because of their astringent properties that actually shrink the skin in the eye area. The high water content in the cucumber is also cooling and can reduce the swelling. In fact, anything cool, such as two chilled spoons placed over the eyes will also work. Combine that with drinking lots of water to flush out any excess salt, and you’ll relieve the puffiness naturally. Maybe even add a couple of cucumber slices to your water too for a refreshing taste.

What's your trick for naturally reducing puffy eyes or dark circles?

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